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A dozen donuts selected by our chef for your morning enjoyment. Includes all new flavors, the same quality, and is ready when you come in the store.


What We're all about


For the longest time our standards for donuts and coffee have been far too low. The age-old combination of donuts and coffee, while recognized far and wide, never allowed them to reach their full, glazed, filled, sprinkled, and hand-crafted potential. WOW was born to turn this on its head and reimagine the iconic duo in a bright and innovative new way.

Donuts deserve love and a place to call home, so we created a sweet escape to satisfy every sweet tooth and caffeine craving, with plenty of room to savor uniquely crafted flavors and an ever-changing variety of at least different 12 roasts and tea blends.

Don’t worry, we’re not messing with the classics, we’re just adapting what’s tried and true to create something exciting and new. Every one of our delightful creations is crafted by hand to make you smile, and we can’t wait to share a whole new world of WOW!


Baked & brewed Daily


Each and every one of our donuts is made from scratch, by hand, every single day. We’ve worked for countless hours to develop each recipe for the maximum WOW-factor, including almost all of our toppings! Some of your favorite candies are best made by the pros, but the rest we whip up on our own.

Our selection of coffees and teas rotate almost daily and brewed using a highly precise, technologically-advanced system that’s tailored to your roast or blend of choice. Each cup is made specifically for you, with as many as four brewing simultaneously. Watch as we create your perfect cup every time!


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"Every single corner of this place
is so dang Instagramable!"

— Cynthia, Yelp

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